Education Ecosystem Announces the Release of New White Paper Version

Education Ecosystem is excited to announce the release of a new white paper version (v4.3) that outlines the project’s vision. There are notable changes from the previous version (v4.2), and they are all in line with our aim to become a market leader in peer-to-peer project-based learning. The new white paper version has an additional section as we march on toward our initial goals.

We will be guided by our roadmap as we navigate through 2021 with the same resilience and tenacity that has carried us since launching our project in 2015.

Our activities will center around an aggressive expansion to penetrate into new markets. 

Reinforcing our Presence in Other Markets

The white paper outlines the credentials of our marketing manager, Asad Zheesan, who heads our efforts in marketing Education Ecosystem in European, Asian, and African markets. We are going to host virtual roadshows and hackathons in these targeted markets as well as LEDU trading competitions on Mercatox and other exchanges.

In parallel to our expansion, we will beta test a new community-based telehealth service – National Coronavirus Hotline – launched to help fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

NCH is Part of the Education Ecosystem Family

After suffering setbacks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we took it personally and turned to our community to develop a solution that will play a vital role in reducing the effects of coronavirus in various communities.

In the end, we conceptualized, designed, developed, and launched National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) to help communities fight the coronavirus pandemic. NCH offers eligible people free telemedicine services, mental health services, disinfection services, and coronavirus education. We will beta test NCH in selected U.S. states before rolling it out to other states. And we will integrate LEDU token into NCH.

Read the white paper to get a deeper understanding of Education Ecosystem and where it is headed.


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