LEDU Token Swap and 500,000 LEDU Reward

The LEDU token swap has begun and all LEDU token holders are requested to swap their old LEDU token. After the swapping phase is closed, old LEDU tokens will not be swappable anymore and the tokens that are not submitted for the swap will be worthless. As part of the LEDU token swap process, LEDU trading across all exchanges is frozen. Token users with LEDU tokens on exchanges should move their tokens to private wallets where they will have full control of the private keys and swap. Token holders should follow the LEDU token swap guide to swap their tokens.

LEDU is also holding a competition where lucky token holders can win 250,000 LEDU tokens. Participation in the competition is not limited to existing token holders as new token holders are welcomed. Most participants in this competition are students and experienced techies aiming to improve their professional skills in areas like programming, artificial intelligence, data science, cryptocurrency, and game development. Join the competition.

250,000 LEDU tokens have been paid out to viewers for watching content, submitting projects, and inviting friends. Individuals interested in knowing how viewers earn LEDU tokens can read Education Ecosystem’s latest quarterly report. Education Ecosystem community members can earn LEDU tokens at the next payout by watching projects, suggesting new projects, or inviting friends to learn about the ecosystem.

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a project-based learning platform that teaches students how to build real products in areas such as programming, game development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and cryptocurrencies. Content is organized around projects where students learn from watching videos of developers building products. Education Ecosystem uses the utility token LEDU to power its ecosystem. LEDU provides rewards to project creators, viewers, community moderators, LEDU API developers, and ecosystem partners.


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