LEDU Ledger Nano Wallet Giveaway Competition

To celebrate LEDU’s recent listing on DCoin exchange, we are introducing a wallet giveaway competition where 10 lucky participants will each receive a brand new Ledger nano wallet (or equivalent value)*.

* Winners in the US will receive a Ledger Nano Wallet. Due to the higher shipping costs, other winners will be provided with the equivalent value in BTC or ETH.

To win the competition you only need to be among the first 10 participants to meet the requirements and answer the questions correctly.

Requirements & Questions

  1. Have you traded LEDU on DCoin?

  2. What is your DCoin holding address? (Note: You must have traded LEDU on DCoin recently to be eligible).

  3. What is the main exchange for trading LEDU?

  4. Name 3 other exchanges where you can trade LEDU

  5. Which two events did Education Ecosystem recently attend?

Answer the questions and provide some other details in this Google Form.


Get LEDU Coin

Get LEDU coins now on Dcoin, LATOKEN, Exrates, Livecoin, Mercatox, and IDEX, or use the LEDU OTC Trading program for large purchases. Read more about LEDU coins on our project page and ask any questions you might have on our Twitter page.

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