How Education Ecosystem Team is Scaling the Project

Education Ecosystem has laid down a solid plan to scale the project in 2021 and beyond. Our growth plans are a reflection of the road we have traveled before and how much further we are willing to go. Since the launch of our alpha product in 2015, more than 1 million people from at least 194 countries have used our platform. The majority of them are regular members and we continue to record new visitors flocking to our platform to view project-based practical learning content. 

Content and Developer Community Expansion

There are more than 200,000 pieces of video content on the platform. We are going to increase the volume of content on our platform. This time, the community has a bigger say in the new content that will be uploaded. Community members will suggest the content they are interested in and developers will create video content that immediately addresses the needs of the viewers. These projects will be mainly created by developers who have been around for some time because they better understand the community and its needs.

Education Ecosystem features projects in six categories. |Source: LEDU

We have worked with more than 13,000 project creators and each of them has created more than one video content. The project has put measures in place to retain the best talent and attract new developers. Attracting more developers, especially from different parts of the world, is important as we target new markets.

New Markets

We will be expanding into Asian, European, and African markets in 2021. This will be achieved through the addition of new content as well as aggressive marketing campaigns in the targeted markets. Education Ecosystem will host trading competitions and giveaways to raise awareness about the project. 

Team Expansion and Partnerships

As part of the marketing strategy, we have made strategic hires to complement the efforts done by the existing team. We hired a new Marketing Manager, Asad Zeeshan, who has vast and proven business and digital marketing experience. He will be responsible for shaping the project’s expansion efforts to reach a wider audience. Asad will also lead the project to establish new and meaningful partnerships that align with our mission and vision. This also includes getting Education Ecosystem’s native currency, LEDU token, listed on new exchanges. LEDU token was recently listed on UniSwap and Latoken recently re-activated LEDU trading pairs against Bitcoin and Ether so that token holders can easily buy and sell LEDU tokens.

Trade LEDU token on various exchanges


The future looks exciting.

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