Highest Stable Coin Interest Rate in the Market- W42-2021

Do Your Research 

Despite the volatility of the crypto market, it has provided several ways of making money, holding crypto assets. Also, with the evolution of DeFi and CeFi protocols and how they are rolling out various means of putting your crypto to work, it is becoming almost irresistible to ignore doing your research before considering them. Knowing the right platform and rates is one major constraint in making money with LEDU and other cryptos. To know this, it is a requirement that every crypto trader who wants to make money holding, borrowing, or even saving crypto must do due diligence to make the right choice. Hence, the phrase; do your own research (DYOR).

This is a Do Your Own Research kind of article that helps crypto traders including LEDU traders compare the interest rates of the top stable coins offered by the top reputable providers. The table shown below is part of Education Ecosystem’s weekly stable coin interest rate comparison. We compared the top stable coin interest rates of the top crypto platforms to help LEDU traders and other crypto traders make informed decisions of stable coin interest rates. .¬†

Week 42, 2021 top stable coin interest rate

Nexo Aave Coinloan Binance Celsius Network Youhodler Gemini
USDT 12% 6.04% 12.30% 1.2-4.24% 8.88% 12.30%
DAI 12% 2.91% 12.30% 4.53% 12.00% 7.55%
USDC 12% 10.99% 12.30% 0.63-4.24% 8.88% 12.00%
BUSD 2.47% 12.30% 0.80-4.50% 8.88% 10.00%
TUSD 12% 3.08% 12.30% 8.88% 12.00%
GUSD 2.20% 8.88% 8.05%

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