Education Ecosystem Senior Android Developer & LiveEdu Project Creator Building LiveEdu Android App

Education Ecosystem Senior Android Developer David is working with experienced LiveEdu project creator Valery to create the LiveEdu Android app. The Android app is an important piece of overall product development as it will allow users to access the platform on the go and watch video or live streams.

Progress on the app thus far has seen the team finish implementation of the Login, Signup, Navigation, Subscription and Payment Process systems. In the Subscription system subscribers will be able to pick from single, triple and unlimited plans so that they can watch content in their preferred categories.

In the Payment Process users will have the option to pay for their subscriptions using LEDU, ETH/BTC, credit card, PayPal or Paymentwall. Users will be able to manage their subscription payments anywhere in the world on their mobile phones.

The next steps for the Android app will be implementation of the Hub Page, Project Directory, Livestream Directory, Project Requests, and Schedule Page. Images from the Android app can be seen below.





Some of the Android app tasks in Jira

About David


David is the lead Android Developer for our Android app. He has over 5 years experience using Android, both working with different companies and working on his own projects. He also has a lot of experience with Java but for the last 5 years his focus has been on Android. You can read more about David in his introductory interview here.

About Valery


Valery has been a project creator on LiveEdu for 2 years and has built some popular projects on Education Ecosystem’s first platform. He participated in a LiveEdu Android App development contest during the early stages of the beta product, earning 2nd place.

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