Education Ecosystem Proof of Work: Run Project Quality Check and Earn LEDU

Education Ecosystem is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches people how to build complete products in future technology fields. Building a project-based learning platform to tackle the $360B professional development market requires not only a great team but also the support of a great community. Another area for our community to participate and earn LEDU is with our next Proof of Work initiative, running project quality checks.

Site moderators on Education Ecosystem are independent bounty hunters who conduct quality assurance checks. Quality assurance encompasses reporting bugs, technical streaming issues, video quality issues and content moderation. Education Ecosystem moderators will be allocated tokens for each quality assurance activity. Quality assurance is important as it improves user experience for all subscribers and project creators. Site moderators represent an integral part of the Education Ecosystem community and without them the site cannot run. For this reason they are rewarded with LEDU tokens for carrying out site moderation weekly.

How to Become a Site Moderator

Prospective site moderators will first need to apply by submitting this Google Form. To qualify as a site moderator an applicant should first share the passion and vision for Education Ecosystem so that they can explain why they would make a great moderator. The applicant should have experience in a category on our platform. Having experience in quality assurance is a bonus. After an application is received qualified applicants will interviewed and then notified if they are selected.

How to Report Quality Issues

Moderators run random quality checks on the Education Ecosystem learning platform. A Quality Assurance (QA) Checksheet is provided to moderators which they can fill in and report any issues found. If other issues are found they can also be reported by the moderator. These issues are then double checked by our quality assurance team.

How to Earn LEDU

Site moderators will be rewarded 50 LEDU tokens for each confirmed quality issue. Rewards are accumulated and moderators are paid at the end of each month. Site moderator performance is evaluated monthly and a moderator must maintain active status to continue receiving LEDU rewards. Once 80% of quality issues reported each month are confirmed as real issues by our quality assurance team then the moderator is considered active.

Do you hate finding bugs on a website? Do you wish you could help get rid of these bugs and earn LEDU for doing so? Apply to become a site moderator.

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