Education Ecosystem Encourages Latoken Users to Withdraw their LEDU Tokens

Token holders who deposited their Education Ecosystem (LEDU) tokens on the Latoken cryptocurrency exchange are urged to hastily withdraw their tokens from the exchange to complete the token swap.

The old tokens on the Latoken exchange are currently untradable. Users should withdraw their LEDU tokens from the exchange and send them to a private ERC wallet where they have complete control of the private keys.

LEDU Token holders are required to withdraw their old tokens from Latoken exchange

Token holders will be issued with new tokens after they have sent their old tokens to the new smart contract. We have already moved away from the old contract address and our new smart contact address is:

Education Ecosystem strongly urges all LEDU token holders on Latoken to withdraw their LEDU tokens from the exchange so that they don’t lose out. Please read our FAQ if you have any questions regarding the token swap.

The LEDU token is mainly traded against BTC and ETH on Dcoin, Idex, and Mercatox.


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